Selfic Boost is a company that provides top notch boosting services to the players from all around the World. We are currently offering boosting service for World of Warcraft game, but our next goal is to expand and diversify our offer. Our team is a group of well-coordinated, experienced and professional men who are always there to help you improve your performance and fulfill your wishes.

Our Team

As we already mentioned, our team consist of professional and experienced players, by that, we mean you will be working with the some of the most talented individuals from all over the World. Each of them considers this job a perfect opportunity to show the World their extraordinary gaming skills. Before we hire any professional booster we conduct thorough researches, interviews and skill assessments, to make sure they are one of the few who can fulfill everything that our customers may desire.

Aside from our professional players, our team includes Selfics Support Group, which is at your service 24/7. Our Support Group is one of the crucial parts of our team, since Selfic Boosting Services is a company that cherishes its clients and strives toward forming long-lasting, friendly partnerships with its customers. We offer various means of communication to reach us, such as Skype, Discord, Live Chat, E-mail

Our Reputation and Trustworthiness

Aside from diversifying our offers and forming long-term partnerships with our clients, our ultimate goal is to preserve our reputation on the level it is today. Years of experience in this job and top of the line services we provide made us what we are today. Trustworthy, professional and always-available company who offers highest-quality services at the most favorable prices. If you want to be sure about us, you can check our reviews on EpicNPC, OwnedCore and Trust Pilot.

When it comes to your personal data, you should know that we are taking all required measures to protect our clients' information and all the data exchanged during our cooperation. Certified Encryption technologies as well as technical safeguards are just some of the methods we use in order to protect you from any harm. You will be safe from any unauthorized accesses or changing of your data, we will also make sure your personal information is used only for the purposes of performing our services without any exceptions.

Our Objectives

We already said something about our goals and objectives, however we are an ambitious group of people with many missions on our minds. Our ultimate and most important objective is maintaining our reputation while constantly improving our services, diversifying our offers, expanding our business to all areas of the World of Warcraft and other games as well. Aside from improving our existing offers we are striving towards creating new ones, all in order to satisfy our long-term, and also new clients. In this mission, our Support Group is the crucial link, they are in charge of tracking each order and reporting every little setback in order to correct and improve our services.

Service and Delivery

You can find all our offers on our website, however if you would like to change something to fit to your exact needs, you can do that by using our Premium Options features or by contacting our Support Group. Each service can be personalized and customized in any way you imagine, this is something that makes our company unique and different from the other companies you might stumble upon in your quest to find a suitable provider.

Even though we take extreme caution and all available measures to improve our services and complete them according to your requirements and the settled schedule, if we fail to deliver, you can check our Refund Policy and easily issue for a refund.