We have grouped our leveling service into a couple of categories with different prices because the amount of time needed to gain a level is different for different account levels. This is because it doesn’t take the same amount of experience to level up from level 1 to 2, and 20 to 21 (for example).

The delivery time of our leveling service depends on your current level, but also on the amount of levels you’ve purchased. However our boosters winrates are awesome so we are making sure your account is progressing as fast as possible towards its destination level!

The delivery time of our Experience Farm service depends primarily on the amount of experience you chose. But it usually takes 2-3 days to scoop up to 50,000 experience points or even more.

Fortnite Win, or “Battle Royale” win, is when you are the last player standing, or if your team is the last team alive. For this service, we will have our professional player log into your account and play until the number of wins of your choosing is reached or if you choose selfplay you will be given a chance to play alongside our boosters in DUO and grab victories together!

Yes. We offer a Fortnite Win for any mode currently active in the game.

Yes. We find voice chat to be the most important aspect of Coaching, however, should you decide you don’t want to talk to the coach over discord/skype u can always use ingame voice or text chat.

Unlike account share option, selfplay option implies that, during our service, you will play on your own account, alongside our professional boosters who will play on theirs.

Fortnite, despite its looks, is an extremely complex game. However, our professional boosters are very good at it, and they know how to pass that knowledge to others. During our Fortnite Coaching session, the coach will help you improve your mechanical skills ( building, aiming, etc ) as well as your overall game knowledge. Since these players are among the world’s best, you will also get to learn exclusive tips and tricks that not many others know about.

Yes, we offer a planned service. Feel free to contact us and make an arrangement that suits you best

No. We do not use any software or hacks of any kind that would give us an unfair advantage over other players. All of our services are completed by professional players who are simply very good at what they do.

The delivery time for our Fortnite Battle Pass service is the same day of your purchase unless all boosters are busy which we would inform you about prior to the purchase.

Should we fail to deliver what we promised, or if anything harmful happens to your account ( which never did ) we offer a full refund. For more information about refunds, you can always check our Terms of Service.

We always plan our boosts according to your schedule. However, if you haven’t made any plans and it’s all the same to you, we will begin as soon as possible, normally less than 60 minutes after the purchase has been made.

We employ boosters from all around the world, and we have strict criteria they have to meet in order to work with us. We also have our own boosters. The boosters we employ are extremely skilled Fortnite players with high winrates and good stats, Fluent in English Language and dedicated to their job.

Any boosting service with the account share option is in violation of Epic Game’s ToS, but due to the professionalism and discretion of our boosters, we haven’t had any issues, and we aim to keep it that way!

Experience farm service always has the same price, regardless of your account’s level.

Account sharing is when our professional booster logs into your account to complete a specific task. We use this method for most of our services.

Our experience farm service is when our professional player logs into your account and plays all kinds of modes until the desired amount of experience is reached. This type of service is done through account share only

For our Fortnite Coaching service, you will play side by side with some of our best boosters. During this service, he will help you improve greatly, and all that goes on during the service will be focused primarily on you, and your improvement.

Fortnite leveling is an account share type of service where one of our boosters will log into your account and play various modes until he reaches your desired account level.

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