Terms and Conditions are a legal contract between Client (in further text: "Customer", "Guest", "User","Registered User") and Selfic Boosting Services Company (mentioned below as: "We", "Us", " Selfic Boosting") and they apply to the use of Selfic Boosting website, and all services provided by our company in general. It applies to every service, product, content and functionality of everything mentioned before. Please, read the agreement thoroughly.

General Terms

Article I

  1. Terms and Agreements will apply to every business relation since the moment User accesses Selfic Boosting website, no matter the form of your access - Registered User or Guest
  2. By accessing our website you are agreeing with our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy which is, by this reference, a part of our original Terms and Conditions Agreement. You can eliminate the mentioned effect by immediately leaving our website.

Article II

  1. By accepting the Agreement, Customer is consentaneous to using SELFIC BOOSTING WEBSITE in English as the official language of the website. SELFIC BOOSTING is not responsible for any dispute that arose due to the wrong translation or misunderstanding due to the language barrier.

Article III

  1. All personal information you provide us with must be truthful, reliable and complete. In case you provide us with false or fabricated information you might be denied of our further services. Selfic Boosting will use your personal information in accordance with this Agreement. We will use your information only for Customer Verification and Payment purposes.
  2. In case of legal matter, Selfic Boosting retains the right to use any received information.
  3. Each Client is required to provide us with all the information necessary for Customer Information Form and Billing Details form in order for us to complete the service.

Article IV

  1. Any client purchasing our services must be an adult in the legal point of view and by his country's regulations. In absence of the said regulation, any client purchasing our services must be at least 18 years of age. If a you are under 18 years old you can purchase our services with the consent of your parents or a guardian.
  2. Selfic Boosting provides in-game services and consulting services (Boosting and Coaching services). You can find specification and further description of each individual product on our website. Before purchasing any of the products, be sure to read Terms of Agreements and product description thoroughly to prevent any misunderstandings.
  3. By accessing our website, you agree that the execution time is a variable category and depends on multiple factors, for example, your current in-game progress, equipment and external factors.
  4. Selfic Boosting retains the right to reject any order without explanation. For example, we will reject order if we don't have the resources to complete the requested service, if we register fraudulent information etc.

Article V

  1. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions Customer is consent with the fact that he is paying for virtual in-game services for the chosen game and agrees to the fact that Selfic Boosting is not offering any property or product inside this virtual game.
  2. Selfic Boosting disclaims all warranties , expressed and implied of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose.
  3. The Client is solely responsible for recording and protecting the necessary private information as a prevention measures in case of theft or suspension of his account.
  4. Selfic Boosting will implement the best technical and organizational measures to prevent Clients' personal information from unauthorized access, accidental loss, alteration of information and disclosure.
  5. You agree that Selfic Boosting is not responsible for any undesirable and unexpected situations that may occur. Selfic Boosting is only responsible for actions undertook on Clients' account and by the order of a Client.
  6. Some of our services include Account Sharing. These services will be completed only if the Customer explicitly or implicitly orders it and shares the personal information necessary for the completion. You, the client, agree that Selfic Boosting does not bear any responsibility for any sanctions that might occur from the Blizzard Entertainment Inc (Such as disqualification, suspension and ban). We will conduct these services at your own risk.

Communication and Customer Verification

Article I

  1. By accessing our website, you are starting electronical communication with Selfic Boosting. You can also use other social networks as a communication channels (Skype, Discord, Website Chat, E-mail)
  2. Selfic Boosting strictly forbids insulting, threatening, spamming or slanderous remarks and communication in general. It guarantees civil and polite conversation. Selfic Boosting will take all the measures to protect customers and deal with every problem that appears.
  3. Customer Verification is a process that happens after making an order on our website. You will get a confirmation e-mail in form of a receipt , it will contain product specification, price, order number, your information and billing information. The responsibility of reporting any mistake or false information lies on the Client. Once the order is submitted, Client cannot change it or issue a refund, except if explicitly agreed upon.


Article I

  1. All payments regarding our services are processed through PayPal Payment Gateway.
  2. Selfic Boosting won't take PayPal Accounts with unverified addresses and telephone numbers into consideration. All unconfirmed and unverified orders will be canceled upon discovery.
  3. Responsibility of double checking the PayPal/Credit Card information lies solely on Clients.
  4. Selfic Boosting does not use personal credit/debit card information for any purposes.


Article I

  1. Selfic Boosting will complete orders according to the service description on our website, or according to the explicitly agreed conditions with the client.
  2. If Selfic Boosting is unable to complete the order due to our fault, Client has the right to issue a refund.
  3. Any further Information about Refunds you can find in the section Refund Policy, which is, by this reference, a part of this Agreement.

Final Regulations

Article I

  1. Selfic Boosting is authorized to make adjustments to Terms and Conditions Agreement. It is a Customer's duty to check Terms and Agreements periodically for recent changes. Any dispute that arises from ignorance of the recent changes cannot be blamed on Selfic Boosting.

Aricle II

  1.  Selfic Boosting grants you a limited access to this website and the right to access it for personal use.
  2. However, Selfic Boosting does not tolerate download, copying, duplication, reproduction, resell or alteration of the website itself, or any content contained on the site. Upon discovery, any individual caught breaching the contract clauses will face legal action.
  3. Every Individual is prohibited from using Selfic Boosting logo, trademark or any proprietary information found on this website. All content found on Selfic Boosting Website is considered INTELECTUAL PROPERTY of Selfic Boosting and as such, it is protected by copyright laws.
  4. All mentioned World of Warcraft brand names are the sole property of the Blizzard Entertainment Inc. Selfic Boosting does not claim any rights nor ownership towards this registered trademark.