What is Fortnite Coaching?

For our Fortnite Coaching service, you will play side by side with some of our best boosters. During this service, he will help you improve greatly, and all that goes on during the service will be focused primarily on you, and your improvement.

What during your Fornite Coaching service?

Fortnite, despite its looks, is an extremely complex game. However, our professional boosters are very good at it, and they know how to pass that knowledge to others. During our Fortnite Coaching session, the coach will help you improve your mechanical skills ( building, aiming, etc ) as well as your overall game knowledge. Since […]

What is Selfplay?

Unlike account share option, selfplay option implies that, during our service, you will play on your own account, alongside our professional boosters who will play on theirs.

Does this service include Voice Chat?

Yes. We find voice chat to be the most important aspect of Coaching, however, should you decide you don’t want to talk to the coach over discord/skype u can always use ingame voice or text chat.